Diverse cast of characters - Infants and toddlers (0-2)

Babybug Magazine
Published by The Cricket Magazine Group, nine times a year. The magazine's focus audience is infants and toddlers. Each issue has action rhymes, simple concepts and stories about a baby's world. The magazine is issued on 24 sturdy cardboard pages with rounded edges, non-toxic glue and ink, and no staples. There is no advertising. Illustrations in each of the issues feature a racially diverse cast of characters.

Bowie, C. W. | Willingham, Fred (illustrator) | 1998
Busy toes
Tip-toe into the pages of this exquisitely illustrated book and dig, squish, and splash your way to discover the many secrets and delights of our toes.

Fox, Mem | Oxenbury, Helen (illustrator) | 2008
Ten little fingers and ten little toes
Rhyming text compares babies born in different places and in different circumstances, but they all share the commonality of ten little fingers and ten little toes.

Grossman, Rena D. | 2009
Eating the rainbow
A colorful food book, showcasing photographs of delicious looking fruits, vegetables and babies! Each two page board spread introduces babies to four yummy goodies, while the opposite page shows the reader a little one indulging in a healthy snack. Added bonus: this book is vegetarian friendly!

Hindley, Judy | Granström, Brita (illustrator) | 2006
Baby talk: a book of first words and phrases
Rhyming text describes the activities in a baby's day and the words he says while going to the playground, eating dinner, and taking a bath.

Hindley, Judy | Granström, Brita (illustrator) | 2002
Does a cow say boo?
Children on a farm want to know which creature says "boo," and learn about animal sounds as they search.

Hindley, Judy | Granström, Brita (illustrator) | 1999
Eyes, nose, fingers and toes: a first book all about you
A group of toddlers demonstrate all the fun things they can do with their eyes, ears, mouths, hands, legs, feet - and everything in between.

Isadora, Rachel | 1990
Labeled pictures portray children visiting, building, drawing, laughing, hugging, and engaging in similar friendly pursuits.

Kim, Sue | Tilde (photographs) | 2010
How does a seed grow? A book with fold-out pages
A near-perfect book for infants and toddlers: filled with bright colours and large, fold-out pictures of children; contains pithy text offering rhymes; makes use of repetition in the style of Bill Martin, and offers opportunities for a young audience and their caregivers to shout, "Hurray!" This attractive, interactive, multiracial book increases print motivation; the narrative style of repetition allows for the development of a toddler's understanding of cause and effect.

Katz, Karen | 2006
Best-ever big sister
Big sisters understand that their little baby sisters must do some things differently until they get older.
(Karen Katz has written several books for infants and toddlers illustrating children from various racial backgrounds).

Konrad, Marla Stewart | (various photographers) | 2009
Mom and me
A photo-book collaboration with World Vision that looks affectionately at the many ways mothers and children relate to and rely upon each other, all over the world.

Raffi | Fernandes, Eugenie (illustrator) | 2004
Everything grows
Everything grows, anyone knows . . . So sings Raffi in his uplifting children's song that inspired this book. Accompanying Raffi's lyrics there are illustrations by Eugnie Fernandes, with subjects including children of different races, and various scenes from nature.

Tafolla, Carmen | Córdova, Amy (illustrator) | 2010
Fiesta babies
Babies enjoy the colourful fiesta with singing, dancing, hugs, and kisses.

Walsh, Melanie | 2002
My nose, your nose
The close-up and lively illustrations of a diverse array of children and all their cute bits—eyes, hair, skin, noses, legs—will invite readers to look at what’s unique about themselves, seeing, at the same time, what they all have in common with one another.