Indigenous Peoples and Nations

Adams, Jeanie | 1993
Going for oysters
The members of an Australian Aboriginal family living at Aurukun on Cape York Peninsula spends an enjoyable day and a night collecting oysters from their favourite fishing area.

Adams, Jeanie | 1989
Pigs and honey
An Australian Aboriginal boy describes a hunting and picnic party with his extended family in Peninsula in North Queensland.

Ashman, Linda | Robinson, Christian (illustrator) | 2013
As an old man grumbles his way through a rainy morning, spreading gloom, his neighbor, a young child, spreads cheer while hopping through puddles in frog-themed rainwear.
(Note: This book appears on multiple lists!)

Emmett, Jonathan | Jobling, Curtis (illustrator) | 2001
Dinosaurs after dark
Sleepless Bobby hears noise outside his bedroom window, and when he follows it into the city he finds some dinosaurs to play with.
(note: because of the ambiguity of the origin of the protagonist of this book, this title appears on more than one list!)

Germein, Katrina | Bancroft, Bronwyn (illustrator) | 1999
Big rain coming
Everyone eagerly awaits the rain, and one dry day follows another in the Australian outback. It seems as though the big rain will never come!

Kryuchukov, Hristo | Eitzen, Allan (illustrator) | 2004
My name was Hussein
Young Hussein lives with his Roma family in a small village in Bulgaria. He loves his family, their religious and cultural celebrations, and he also loves his name, which has been handed down to him through generations. When an army invades his village, he and his family are forced to take Christian names, although they have no wish to.

Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk | Krykorka, Vladyana (illustrator) | 1996
My arctic 1, 2, 3
From one polar bear walking along the edge of a huge ice floe to millions of berries ready for picking, My Arctic 1, 2, 3 takes young readers on a counting tour in the Far North.

Morecroft, Judith | Bancroft, Bronwyn (illustrator) | 2007
Malu kangaroo: how the first children learnt to surf
This modern tale, told in the style of a traditional Aboriginal Dreaming story, tells how Malu-Kangaroo, a kangaroo spirit, teaches the first children to surf.

Nicholson, Caitlin Dale with Morin-Neilson, Leona | 2008
Niwechihaw = I help
A young Cree boy spends time with his k├┤hkum (grandmother), walking in the woods, picking rosehips, praying and eating, just as his grandmother does. In doing so, he absorbs the rich cultural traditions and values of his Cree heritage. The text of this simple story is rendered in Cree and English.

Messinger, Carla & Katz, Susan | Fadden, David Kanietakeron (illustrator) | 2007
When the shadbush blooms
A young Lenni Lenape child describes her family's life through the seasons. Includes facts about the Lenni Lenape Nation.

Scott, Ann Herbert | Coalson, Glo (illustrator) | 1972
On mother's lap
A young boy who lives with his family in the Arctic discovers that mother's lap is a very special place, with room for everyone.